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Go Physics is an online science platform that provides free exclusive content especially related to Physics and Astronomy for the people of all age groups. We aim to inspire our community towards undertaking the task of exploration towards Physics and Astronomy. We wish to be a bridge between the people science by providing them with the content related to a wide variety of topics, daily updates, exciting videos and many more.

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In order to achieve our goal of popularizing the science amongst the general public, we wish to provide you with exclusive articles spanning almost all corners of Physics and Astronomy with daily updates in such a manner that even a layman can easily understand the most complex topics.


We provide you with an opportunity to get your doubts cleared by our experts in almost all fields of Physics and Astronomy. You can also discuss with us on a wide variety of topics. We provide an opportunity to get in touch with us either through the comment section or email.


We also organize many contests and events for the passionate lovers of science. We provide the platform to showcase your talent and skill to the entire world so that everyone can get a chance to show the world for who they truly are.

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Right Information

We always provide the people with the right facts and information to our readers after checking it from various trustful resources with various links.

Visual Graphic

We wish to explain every topic to science enthusiasts by providing them with a detailed description of each topic with the help of various graphics and images.

Engaging content

Our team provides interesting content with amazing facts and questions & answers on every topic to make it engaging.

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Krishan Kumar

Founder & Director

A Physics Enthusiast, An Entrepreneur and A Motivational Speaker, Krishan Kumar, A multi-talented personality has been portraying the role of a Science Communicator for the past 4 years. He has the utmost passion for Physics. He is truly in fact, a physicist-in-process. He is also the  Co-Founder of CosmosNow (India’s First Independent Astronomy Magazine) and Fastika (A Delivery System Startup).

Baltas Cruz

Content Head & Writer

A 15-year-old Portuguese who at such a young age has the ambitions of becoming a theoretical physicist. Whilst maintaining his passion of becoming a physicist, he is also a chess player where he has won some local competitors alongside being a runner up in the local team also.

Sukhjit Singh

Manager & Narrator

A Researcher, Astronomer, Mathematician, Physicist and A Science Communicator, Sukhjit aims to become an Astrophysicist. He has worked across various institutions in India. He is also the Co-Founder of Galacto Coaster Community.

Adil Kadri

Creator & Writer

A science tutor & an entrepreneur. He is an electrical engineer. He is Co-Founder of Fastika.

Raeann Lim

Chief Writer

She is studying in college in Malaysia and doing amateur research in theoretical physics. 

Mallika Tarannum

Video Script Writer

An Influencer and Astronomy Freak. Future Physicist. She has been working as a Physics Educator for the last 3 years.

Bhalchandra Ravindra


He is an astrophysics lover. He loves to explore the field of astrophysics.

Darshan Gajjar


Electrical Engineer

Fardeen Ahmed


He is a B.Sc. graduate and currently preparing for his Masters in Physics. He is a physics and philosophy enthusiast passionate about teaching Physics after completing his education. He’s also a poet and has written many poems in English and Urdu.

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