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Andromeda Galaxy

(Last Updated On: January 27, 2018)

Andromeda Galaxy- Introduction

Andromeda galaxy is the nearest galaxy to our galaxy Milky Way. It is a spiral galaxy. It is known also Messier31, M31 and NGC224. Its old name was Great Andromeda Nebula.

German astronomer Simon Marius give first description about Andromeda Galaxy in 15 December 1612 which based on telescopic observation.

In 2010, astronomers confirms that M31 formed due to collide two Smaller Galaxy approximately between 5 to 9 billion years ago.


andromeda galaxy
Andromeda Galaxy

Quick Facts

  • It is the largest galaxy in our local group ( local group contains our Milky way, Triangulum Galaxy and 44 other smaller galaxies).
  • It is the nearest largest galaxy to our milky way.
  • This galaxy is 2,20,000 light years across.
  • It contains approximately 1 trillion stars.
  • This galaxy is 2.5 million light years away from the earth.
  • This galaxy and Milky way galaxy are expected to collide in Giant Elliptical Galaxy  after 3.7 billion years.
  • It is the brightest galaxy in Local Group.
  • This Galaxy is not most massive than Milky Way because Milky Way contains dark matter in massive quantity.
  • It  approaching Milky Way at approximately 100-140 km/sec.
  • Scientists estimated that it contains at least one SMBH (Super Massive Black Hole) at its core.


Andromeda Galaxy
Andromeda Galaxy with moon seen from the earth


It is most distant thing which is visible to naked eye. it appears more than six times wide larger than full moon.you can see it by naked eye from mid-northern latitude. You can see it perfect in last September and early October . It shines in your earthen sky in night. For good viewing, you can observe it in winter evening.



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