Beginning of the universe

(Last Updated On: December 23, 2018)

What was the beginning of the universe?

In this era, scientists are struggling to get the answer of beginning of the universe. This is a big question in the realm of science.

Big Bang

The beginning of the time in the universe is called ‘Big – Bang‘.  According to some scientists, at the time of big bang when the universe was infinitesimally small and , therefore, infinitely dense. Probably there were a singularity at the big bang. There should be a singularity only if the universe is expanding  fast enough to avoid collapsing of stars. Many galaxies expected to be red shifted, according to astronomers (moving away from us). (Red shifted galaxies ~ distance of Galaxy from us).

So, universe is expanding all the time.

But from where it start or get energy to beginning of the universe? Causes?

Vedas –  The great scientist Albert Einstein gave a relation between mass & energy.

Vedic science describe the big bang in such a way that it can not be created nor destroyed.

Reference: Vedic science: The big bang & the theory of relativity from the ancient world.

It is said that matter is part of eternal energy & these matters are referred to using the phrase ‘illusory energy’.

And concordance of Vedas. This energy is called God. Something big that might be begetter-source of energy & caused to all. May be He or something else?

Primordial black holes

Somewhere, black holes are concluded as ancient sources of informations.


Beginning of the universe
Illustration of Primordial Black Holes (Source –


Primordial black hole consist smaller mass of thousands million tons would have a lifetime roughly equal to the age of the universe & made by the collapse of irregularities in the very early stages of the universe, having higher temperature & emitting radiation at a much greater rate than other black holes.

Dark matter is mysterious yet. Albeit astronomers tells that it does not emit light & not composed of atoms (not electron & photons). It also makes up 84% of matter in the universe, with much of it located in halos (a bright circle of light) around galaxies.

Dark matter is compose of primordial black holes. Primordial black holes which formed in a universe’s first fraction of a second.

From LIGO’s detection of gravitational waves from mergers of black holes, astronomers suggested that primordial black holes of tens of solar masses can be considered as dark matter candidates (The Laser Interferometer Gravitational-Wave Observatory. It’s is large scale physics experiment to detect cosmic gravitational waves).

These are the some argues that has been happening since the birth of the science & most important in the era of physics. However there is no solid evidence to regard the beginning, us, ending…



. Theory of everything

. Some calculations & prediction about universe’s age & its dimensions in Vedas:

. The cosmology of the rigveda by H.W. Wallis.

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