Black Hole Explanation – Short Explanation

(Last Updated On: January 27, 2018)

Black Hole explanation

Black hole is a place in the space where is a great amount of matter is packed in a small area. It is so dense. So the gravitational field is very high even light cannot escape in this.

It is most fascinating object in the space.

The term of black hole given by Princenton physicist John Wheeler in 1967. Black hole predicted by Einstein’s theory of general relativity that showed that when massive stars dies then black hole form.

When the massive stars dies then they leaves behind a small dense remnant core. If core’s mass will more than 3 times mass of the sun then it produces black hole.

black hole explanation



Scientists cannot observe the black hole directly with help to telescope. They can observe it by studying and detecting the effect on nearby matters to the black hole. For example, if a black hole passes through a cloud of interstellar then it draw a matter inward in a process that is known as accretion. Similar, if black hole passes close to the normal star then it attract the star and produce and emits X-rays that radiate in the space.

Generally, black holes are appears to exist in two radically different sizes:

1. Stellar Mass Black Hole

  • Stellar Mass Black Hole are 10 to 24 times as massive as the sun.
  • 10 million to a billion of these typesof black holes are can present in milky way.

2. Super Massive Black Hole

  • Super Massive Black Hole are million to billion times massive than the sun.
  • These types of the black hole can present in the center of the every large galaxy like milky way.


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