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Something is Killing The Galaxies in The Universe

(Last Updated On: January 27, 2018)

Who Is Killing The Galaxies

Do you know that many Galaxies are dying in the universe. This question amazes the scientists that What is killing the galaxies? Why galaxies are dying? Scientists and researchers are trying to find that monster since two decades but they didn’t understand what is the reason behind killing previously thriving galaxies. But recently, in 2015, Scientists got some clue and gives two big reason or theories that responsible to kill the galaxies.

1. Strangulation

Researchers predict that some galaxies lose their hotness, there by the formation of new stars stopped and X-Ray spewing gas called Intracluster Medium. Then gas choked off slowly over time and galaxies become dead. This process is called Strangulation.


dying galaxy
Artist’s impression of one of the possible galaxy strangulation mechanisms: star-forming galaxies (fed by gas inflows) are accreted into a massive hot halo, which “strangulates” them and leads to their death. Credit: Astronomy Now, re-active, STScI and ESO


2. Ram Pressure Stripping

After doing research on approximately 11000 galaxies, Researchers come at this theory. This is the quick death of the galaxies called Ram Pressure Stripping. There is 5% Normal Matter, 27% Dark Matter and 68% Dark Energy exist. This death is crime by Dark Matter. According to PhD candidate, Toby Brown, In this death, gas is violently torn away. A huge pressure applied on the galaxy and gas forced out.

Galaxies are embedded by halos of the dark matter. When galaxy fall into the halos, Super heated Intergalactic Plasma quickly strip them of their star forming gas and galaxy become cold and lifeless.




Researcher published their research paper in Journal Nature in 2015 that vast majority of dead galaxies happened via Strangulation. This death happened on that galaxies which 100 billion times heavier than sun and that is approximately 95% of the galaxies. But in 2017, new research paper published in Royal Astronomical Society that showed Ram Pressure Stripping is more common death of galaxies. It can happened in both large and small galaxies.

But you should note take this death seriously. Because if there Ram Pressure Stripping is happening in the galaxy, then it will be take more time. It can takes more than tens of millions of years. So, Enjoy your life on Milky Way. These monsters can not do anything with our galaxy.

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