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How fire burns on the earth?

(Last Updated On: January 27, 2018)

How fire burns on the earth?

Everyone are familiar to fire. You probably watch fire anywhere but never think about the mechanism of fire. Here is complete explanation of how fire burns on the Earth?


  • Basically, Fire needs three requirements. In the nature, if three requirements are fulfilled, then fire is possible. Three requirements are heat, fuel and oxygen.




  • Oxygen only helps to burn fire. Oxygen helps to combine with fuel.
  • If any fuel gets heated in the presence of oxygen then atoms of fuels vibrates and after then if we continue to give then atoms doing dance and after that in the presence of the more heat bond of atoms are broken and then fuel reduce heat and light. This process is called Fire.
  • Fire color is orange and yellow.


  • For example, we took a wood. If we give heat to a wood, then atoms of wood are broke and fire will burn.
  • In wood C, H, O and some other elements are present.
  • When wood burns then it reduces C and H and happened their oxidation.
  • C change in CO2 due to oxidation and H change in H2O due to oxidation. We all know H2O. It is called water vapor.
  • So this process is called burns a fire.

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