“Is There A God ?” The Unique Angle Of Stephen Hawking On God

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Stephen hawking one of the greatest mind of 21st century. The Last Book Written by Stephen hawking was published in October 2018 “Brief Answers to the Big Questions” in this book professor hawking try to give answers to all big questions which is complected for everybody. In this book the first chapter is “Is there a god ?” so what did professor hawking trying to say in this book so lets see in his unique angle on god.


Book – Brief Answers to The Big Questions

From The Ancient Time

Hawking Said that ” For Centuries, it was believed that disabled people like me were living under the curse that was inflicted by God. Well, I suppose it’s possible that i have upset someone up there , but I preferred to think that everything can be explained another way by the laws of nature. ” Hawking Said That If you Believe in science then you also know that there are certain laws that are always obeyed. If you like you can say that the laws are work of GOD, but that is a more a definition of God than a proof of his existence.

In about 300 BCE , a Philosopher called Aristarchus was fascinated by eclipses. He was brave enough to question whether they really were caused by GODS ? He realized the eclipse was really the shadow of the Earth and finally understands that ” When Moon Casts its shadow on the earth, that’s a Solar Eclipse. And when the earth shades the moon, That’s a Lunar Eclipse. But Aristarchus took it even further. He suggested that stars were not chinks in the floor of heaven, as his contemporaries believed, but that stars  were other suns, like ours, only a very long way away. What a stunning realization it must have been. The universe is a machine governed by principles or laws – laws that can be understood by the human mind.

Hawking’s View

Stephen Hawking believed that the discovery of this laws has been Humankind’s greatest achievement, for it’s these laws of nature – as we now call them – that will tell us why we need a god to explain the universe at all. The laws of nature are a description of how things actually work in the past, present and future.

Hawking says that he used the word “GOD” in an impersonal sense, like Einstein did, for the laws of nature, so knowing the mind of God is knowing the laws of nature. Einstein used name of god to renounce Quantum Theory : “God Does not play Dices with the universe.” As hawking says the universe was spontaneously created out of nothing, according to the laws of science. Despite the complexity and variety of the universe, it turns out that to make one you need just three ingredients.

Let’s imagine that we could list them in some kind of cosmic cookbook. So what are the three ingredients we need to cook up a universe? The First is matter, The Second things you need is energy. The third thing we need to build a universe is space. So where could all this matter, energy and space come from? To answer this laws of physics demand the existence of something called ‘Negative Energy‘. When the Big Bang produced a massive amount of positive energy, it simultaneously produced the same amount of negative energy. In this way, the positive and negative add up to Zero, always. It’s another laws of nature.

Something very wonderful happened to time at the instant of the Big Bang. Time itself began. At the end Hawking give his final thought on GOD : “There is no possibility of a creator, because there is no time for a creator to have existed in.


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2 thoughts on ““Is There A God ?” The Unique Angle Of Stephen Hawking On God

  • April 7, 2019 at 6:36 pm

    what about the other gods?

    • April 9, 2019 at 1:16 pm

      Stephen Hawking was christian and as we know christianity is a monotheistic religion. Means there is a concept of only one god. So there is no other god in Christianity. As we know all statement of Hawking was only applied on Christianity. He never read hidu scripture Which is polytheistic religion. Where there is a concept of multiple god….?so as we know any statement given by Stephen Hawking was applied on Christianity. Not on other Religion.


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