The Grand Probability Theory

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Grand Probability Theory?

“Everything is determined the cosmos, its beings vegetables. We all dance to the tune of a piper being played by a distant bagpipe” Following these words of Albert Einstein we often encounter the question “Is everything predetermined?” We have thought and rethought of the several possibilities about being predetermined sequence of events only to lead to some bleak prospects of achievement.

When we talk about predetermined concept of events, we are actually questioning our very own existence. One would say that our existence is due to the presence of favourable conditions on earth and basic evolutionary process. But what if that’s not the case? What if we are here just because of one of the fundamental properties of existence “probability”. Can be said as Grand Probability Theory.

Every time we look up at the sky to think of what is there? Who created the galaxies with those stars and who created all those universes?


Grand Probability Theory
Our Universe (Source – SetAsWall)

Well this article attempts to give a solution.


We know about the presence of not one universe but many universes. These universes are held in place or position or are constantly in motion under the effect of a particular force from some possible mass around which these universes are present much like our solar system (The sun with its 8 planets). Now dealing with this situation is quite complicated one. The universes are assumed to have a symmetrical geometry whatsoever. Coming to the point of the central mass which holds these universes in place is what I prefer to name as “GOD”. The GOD entity balances all these universes.

Now the question comes that how?

If we consider these GOD universe to be solely energy concentrated upto a point of infinite density yet it is stable an radiating energy whose energy can be given by the Stefan Boltzmann law where the radiated energy is directly proportional to the fourth power of absolute temperature. This GOD entity has existed even before time began (If we consider Big Bang to be the start of everything).

This entity exhibits the most complex and unique behavior among all the observable phenomena. This entity has immense amount of energy radiating at a rate dE/dt which is proportional to np* which is variable. Here n indicates the frequency of availability of pair which are responsible for the energy production and p* refers to number of pairs of particles present for “Annihilation”.

This term is used purposely to understand the effect or immenseness of the energy produced. As the name suggests itself the reason behind production of energy is Pair production or Annihilation effect. The pairs responsible henceforth will be called as p and anti p. Now that we know know the source of production but we don’t know its availability ratio or factor.


Coming to the second part we have already or mostly accepted the theory of multiverse. The energy produced is having a rate for that amount of production and thus the energy produced is distributed to maintain stability yet in its profound state of infinite density which is the reason behind the emission or radiating out energy. The energy radiated has a value much much greater than any possible imaginative value of energy. Thus although a part of energy radiated yet we could easily imagine that part value could be having a heat signature equal to 100 Suns. This energy distributed is bound to have a particular frequency. Believing that we have Multiverses when these radiated energy reach out those universes to ” Power” All the systems of the universe (Here system refers to the Thermodynamic reference of system).

There is a distribution of energy among all these universes and hence A variation of frequency reaching out those universes according to Max Planck’s quantisation of energy E=Nhf where N=0,1,2,3… And h is the planck’s constant and f is the frequency of the energy emitted. The different amounts of energy reaching out those universes pertain to different frequency and thereby affecting the occurrence of all the phenomena in the universes.

The last part of the statement may be confusing and to believe it all at once seems to be fictional but here’s the deal. Consider the events occurring in a particular universe including the probability or frequency of a baby being born to a probability of car accident to the probability of Appearance of Halley’s comet. Let each of the frequency be denoted by F1,F2,F3,…Fn. The energy reaching out to that particular universe is of frequency say F then we can say


Sounds odd!! But that is a hypothetical yet quite possible thing. The one frequency less is nothing but the set of all those event Frequencies which have not being observed yet in that particular universe. Coming to the different frequency for different universe concept gives me the scope to explain the phenomena through an example.

Consider here on earth I am having a nice time doing Netflix and chill whereas my “Alterego” If i may use the term, may have undergone a serious accident in the earth X of parallel universes. The frequency set for these two events have a significant similarity although the other events of the set may be different.

Thus providing the above theory I conclude that GOD entity is nothing but supreme energy viable at its availability stable in its unstable form qualifying and agreeing to most of the Quantum and classical laws of physics at the same time violating one of the most fundamental laws of mass energy equivalence E=mc^2 which will be discussed in my next post.


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