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ISRO Will Launch At Least One Rocket Every Month From 2018

(Last Updated On: January 28, 2018)

ISRO News- Is It True?

Have you heard this news about ISRO? This is not fake. Recently this news is on trending. Yes this is true.

After many successful mission and breaking records, Team of  ISRO aiming to pushing ISRO for greater heights. Team of ISRO is planning to launch at least one rocket every month from 2018,reports India Times.

ISRO chairman, A.S. Kiran Kumar, said “We are planning to have at least one launch mission a month in 2018 to deploy satellites in the earth’s orbit for various applications.” ISRO amazes all space agencies since long time. There are many example of big and successful mission which done by ISRO. ISRO comes in mind of everyone when MOM was successful in 2014 and the journey begins to recent successful mission of Cartosat-2 series satellite. Now again ISRO give surprises to everyone to announce that news.

isro news


Future Plan

“You’re at the prime moment where India as a country is surging ahead. India has got every potential to be the number one in the world, for which each of you must put in your best efforts. It is never too late to do anything in science and technology. We can always make a mark. When we put in our best efforts, no one can beat us,” the ISRO head said at the inauguration of a Gallery on Space Technology at the Visvesvaraya Industrial and Technological Museum in Bengaluru.  

Chandryan-2 mission is expected to take flight in the first quarter of 2018.


Government of India raised ISRO’s budget into 9,000 crore. Kiran Kumar told to media,”For 2018-19 and 2019-20 financial years, we are looking to receive increased budgets from the country in view of the missions.”

ISRO will also launch 600 kg spacecraft designed by team Indus on PSLV before 31 March, 2018.

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