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Largest Galaxy in Observable Universe

(Last Updated On: January 27, 2018)

Types of galaxies

In the universe, there are three types of galaxy.

First one is Dwarf Galaxy. It is a category of smallest galaxy. In this category, many galaxies are only 200 light years across. And these galaxies have few millions of stars.

Second one is Mid Range Spiral Galaxy. It is a category of most known galaxy. About 60% to 75% galaxies in observable universe are come in this category. Our galaxy Milky Way also come in this category. Our home galaxy contains more than 100 billion stars and 1,00,000 light years in a diameter.

Third one is Gigantic Elliptical Galaxy. it is a category of largest galaxies. These types of galaxies contains more than trillion stars means huge stars. So now we come on the topic. The largest galaxy ever in the observable universe is IC1101.

Largest Galaxy – IC1101


largest galaxy


IC1101 is the largest galaxy ever found in observable universe. It was discovered on 19 June 1790 by a Britist Astronomer Frederick William Herschel.

Quick Facts

  • IC1101 is 6 million light years across and 2 million light years across from its core.
  • This galaxy contains approximately more than 100 trillion stars.
  • It is 1.04 billion light years far from the earth.
  • This galaxy is 50 times larger in size and 2,000 times massive than the milky way.
  • Its stars are metal-rich which are 7 billion years older than the sun.
  • Its color is golden yellow.
  • Scientists found radio source in the center of this galaxy which indicates that there is a massive black hole.

If our galaxy replace with IC1101 then it will be swallow up Magellanic clouds, Andromeda galaxy and Triangulum galaxy.


largest galaxy
Comparison in Mlky Way, Andromeda, M87 and IC1101


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