How perpetual motion machines destroy our dream of Infinite energy.

(Last Updated On: August 19, 2019)

We have all seen those illusions and never stopping machines that when once started, keeps going on their own.

But what really shocks us, is that these Machines, don’t actually work as they were expected.

So let’s see why?

What is a Perpetual Motion Machine?

In simple words, a machine that once started, will always keep going (or doing it’s work) without need of an external force later.

Although these machines look rather cool but these actually are very non-intuitive.

You can think it this way,

Suppose you made a Mechanism having a wheel in between, now as soon as you started it, it will keep doing it’s motion but the interesting part is that it will actually never stop (unless you tried to stop it!). And without intervention of any external force, this mechanism will keep going forever!

But What’s the Problem here?

You can probably tell that if a Machine never needs a continuous amount of energy to run, how can it even run!? (as any machine need energy to work, so where does this machine is taking its energy from?)

However this messiness can escalate quite fast, so bear with me for some time.

How does this violate Thermodynamics?

It not only does violate 1st Law of thermodynamics but also the 2nd Law.

For the sake of information, I will first explain what these laws mean (closest interpretation) and then will show how these are violated.

1st Law of Thermodynamics: In simple words, it says that in a closed system, neither energy can be created nor be destroyed.

If the system is closed, the total energy inside it remains same forever (example, Our universe)

2nd Law of Thermodynamics: The simplest interpretation is that if you have a machine/engine/mechanism, the input energy will always be greater than the output energy.

In simple words, The energy required to start the system can never be replenished through the same system provided that it is completely isolated.

This was the explanation, now the time for violation!

For this let’s consider that Perpetual Motion Machines actually work.

If this was the case then, the machine will actually go on working forever hence generating INFINITE ENERGY which disturbs the energy balance in an isolated system, hence violating the first law of thermodynamics.

Now since, the machine is ‘creating’ energy, it’s output is much more than it’s input which is a clear violation of Second law of thermodynamics.

The dream of Infinite Energy

As you might have already understood, the dream of infinite energy was only possible if perpetual motion machines worked.

Too bad, they didn’t. So what now?

Let’s see,

For someone who has studied physics with passion (like our community!), knows that in order to create Infinite energy, you need to extract it from a source having Infinite energy.

Since there is no source in our observable universe, it is for sure we can’t get that.

But, that’s not why the blog is still going, we surely can find some ways to extract energy from ‘natural’ process.

This way, we can make energy for our use, by help of nature.

Albeit it sounds awesome, it is far from reality.

And for that to be a reality, we need you, to subscribe to our blog and share it on social media.

This way, more people can reach our blog and understand physics which is what really matters.


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One thought on “How perpetual motion machines destroy our dream of Infinite energy.

  • January 3, 2020 at 11:38 am

    Here’s an invention for a “self-moving” wheel from the early 18th century. It’s not really perpetual motion in the absolute sense of the term, but it could, potentially, run for millions of years while outputting mechanical energy if it’s parts did not wear out:


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