Glitch in the Matrix, Physics or Fiction?

(Last Updated On: August 19, 2019)

Matrix – Fiction or Reality?

From quite some time, we all have been hearing online stupidities such as the ‘Yanny and Laurel‘ thing.

But for some bizarre reasons, this inconsistency is causing a relatively old and rather strange doubt that does corresponds to why different people perceive different notions of the weirdly same reality. And this leads to the ultimate question, that hasn’t been answered yet. Which is, ‘Are we living in a Matrix?’

But don’t disappoint with the supernatural theme of this Blog post just yet! As the answer to this question might be completely different than what you have expected. So without further ado, let’s take look at the points one-by-one.

The Matrix


For those of you who don’t know about this (specifically young readers), Matrix is a Movie franchise having a total of 3 movies released between 1999-2003.

Main theme of these movies is that, in far future, when humanity has made A.I. sufficiently advanced, they (the AI) wage a war on humans. After that the AI captures remaining humans (from the war) and force them to live in a simulation (without knowing about it) by which they harvest energy from the neural-impulses in humans.

Great story (duh..)!

The fact is that, those people don’t even know, they live in a simulation. You can learn the details here.

But what does that have to do with our world?

This idea have had sparked a debate that, there is a slight possibility that we might also live in a matrix type simulation without even knowing about it. Although not the one controlled by some-weird aliens, but by some intelligent species. And this isn’t only fiction.

Astrophysicist Neil deGrasse Tyson said once that,

There is a 50-50% chance that we might be living in a simulation.

And if that was not enough, Elon Musk got away with it saying that,

There is One in a Billion chance that we might NOT be living in a simulation.

Which can clearly interpret to that their is nearly a Billion chances that we live in a simulation.

Well that’s that, but the question still persists about why a chance exists in first place? Now, let me explain you that.

We all know that near a massive body, due to high-gravitational field, time slows down according to Einstein’s General Theory of Relativity.

But if take a look in simulations (more specifically, a VIDEO GAME), whenever there is a huge object near our main character or the camera, the game starts to ‘lag’ (which is same as slowing down).

Source – Wikipedia

Similarly, in the Quantum world, until a particle is observed, it’s state remains unknown. In other words, our observation ‘creates’ our reality.

This is same in computer games, If you ever played a game (which I assume you have had), you will notice that, the game engine (the program that runs the game) only renders (or loads) the area of the game, which you are observing.

The other areas are just not loaded so as to save the computing power.


If we are living in a MATRIX like Simulation, this might prove to be a reality. For example, We know there are forests on our planet. And if a tree falls in the forest out there somewhere, do we hear it? Or do we see it falling?

No! Because, if the matrix theory is correct, there is actually NO forest until, we observe it. And as you can see know, this rather weirdo-theory seems much more close to reality.

However, the question still remains a mystery, whether we live in a matrix or not? But this is surely to say, that this question tempts even the most skeptical ones of us. But remember, this blog was not in the support of this so called ‘Matrix Theory’, it was just our job to inform you that something like this exists in first place. It is up to to believe in it or not.

Whatever that might get, be sure to leave a comment down below on your thought about this theory. Also, Subscribe to our Blog so you can be notified next time we announce, debunk or explain something. Also, Be sure to check other posts out so that you are up to date with the bleeding-edge physics.


Physics is Poetry.



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