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Matter doesn’t even exist according to Higgs theory

(Last Updated On: May 11, 2018)

What is Higgs field? 

Naturally everything in this universe is moving with the speed of light. Matter doesn’t even exists according to Higgs theory. It’s just the pressure of Higgs field that doesn’t allows particles to attain that speed of light. These particles, who doesn’t goes undeflected definitely approaches the speed of light, they don’t get stucked or stop anywhere between this huge army of Higgs particles. Neither they get pressurised nor they turn into matter.

A physicist by the name of Peter Higgs, in 1924, took some ideas that were floating around at the time added an insight or two of his own and proposed that there was an energy field that permeated the entire universe. This energy field is now called “Higgs field”.

The energy field that Higgs proposed would interact with the sub-atomic particles and give them their mass. Very massive particles would interact a lot with the field while massless particles wouldn’t interact at all.

The lightest of the familiar subatomic particle is the electron, while the top quark is known to be the king of mass in the subatomic world  weighing about 350,000 times more than that of an electron. That’s not beacause top quark is bigger than that of an electron instead they both have zero size. The top quark is simply more massive because it interacts more with the Higgs field.

Actually if Higgs field didn’t exist, Neither of these particles would’ve have any mass at all.

Now, Higgs boson is the smallest bit of Higgs field. It’s same as we see water as smooth ,having no pores or stuff at all but we all know it’s made of countless molecules of H2O although we can’t see them. Similarly, the Higgs field consists of countless individual Higgs boson.




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