The Pre Big Bang Hypothesis – Before The Big Bang

(Last Updated On: March 17, 2019)


Looking at the current universe often we are amazed by the design and the sequences in which it is arranged with all its contents. Science, especially physics, has often led to several interesting conclusions regarding these particular arrangement of the universe. As commonly stated that the beginning of the universe took place due to a Big Bang which allowed the space to expand freely  thereby making it stable with increased entropy.

There are primely four forces into existence in our current universe which are as follows :

  1. Gravitational force
  2. Weak nuclear force
  3. Strong nuclear force
  4. Electromagnetic force
big bang hypothesis
Four Fundamental Forces


Out of these four fundamental forces gravitational force is the weakest. The several forces together keeps matter  present in the universe from drifting apart thereby maintaining the integrity. For more details about the four fundamental forces check this article.

Here rises a very crucial and important questions –

What if before the big bang there existed another 5th force or some anonymous forces which ceased to exist at the very moment of creation thereby pushing the equilibrium of existence in favor of creation?

Another question that might pop out of the above discussion is if the above forces ceased to exist then what is the need to examine them?

Well an aimed study could reveal that the existence of 5th force or some anonymous forces may be responsible for our universe in present condition but if we considered the universe without the existence of that force at the moment of creation then we would have been somewhere different or our present state would have been compromised.

However if we imagine and strike deep into this theory at hand we may be faced by another interesting fact that whether these forces acted symmetrical or were asymmetrical in the pre Big bang scenario. These forces may have lacked symmetry in the pre big bang case even in the most smallest dimension possible which led to the highest form of disorderness or randomness which caused a Big Crunch at the point of singularity.

It may have been the case that the forces were unable to balance each other with the most probable explanation being the gravitational force acted in a large amount inwards which caused the universe to shrink under its own gravitational field just like a black hole.


The nature of the 5th or anonymous force may come into question which may be predicted as a force which caused the expansion of the universe in the pre big bang case and which ceased to exist when the gravitational force became high enough thus causing a huge contraction and concentrated the energy at a single point of infinite density.

As the energy concentration was high at that point some amount of energy was lost at the moment of creation which was effectively the last amount of force left to cause an expansion or to initiate an expansion of the universe and thereby increasing the entropy and stability to the universe.

However odd and ineffective this 5th anonymous force seems to be It has quite a major role to play in the very reason of our existence thereby claiming that the pre big bang conditions  has some effect on our present universe and galaxies.

Guys, what do you think about this? Let me know in comments section and stay tuned with us for next post!

2 thoughts on “The Pre Big Bang Hypothesis – Before The Big Bang

  • March 29, 2019 at 9:29 pm

    The universe was never the size of a singularity, only the density of one. If the universe is infinite in size, which we haven’t proven it is finite, only our observable universe is, then it could never be a different size. Only its density would change. Moreover, at the point where the universe had the density of a singularity, time would work very differently, effectively becoming infinitely slow, so the time “before” the big bang would be infinite. This makes the idea of anything happening pretty impossible to conceptualise, as processes would take an infinite time to complete. It also relies on there being a big crunch prior to our universe, and all things point to our universe not going that way. Its much more likely that our universe is due for a big rip, or a continuous expansion into heat death.

    • April 14, 2019 at 3:30 pm

      I appreciate your view but the symmetrical nature of the forces might be a reason for the shrinking density if not the size of one. The fundamental forces originated from time at 0 but before that its existence cant be denied neither can the existence of other forces which brought the universe in its present state can be denied. Hope you get it ✌️✌️


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