Winners & Survivors – Result Of Writer Contest 2.0

(Last Updated On: July 15, 2019)

Your wait is over now!

Finally, We declared the result of the “Writer Contest 2.0”. There were 151 participants in this contest. We have selected only 20 candidates out of 151. Yes, it was too hard for us to choose the top 20 among the high competition. That’s why we are late to declare the result.

We have selected the top 10 rankers as Winners and 11th rankers to 20th rankers as Survivors.


Here is the list of Winners And Survivors (Rankwise) –


1. Tarang Garlapally (Telangana, India)

2. Bhalchandra Ravindra Yalamali (Maharashtra, India)

3. Tanmay Kadlag (Maharashtra, India)

4. Kiran Kalayankar (Maharashtra, India)

5. Fardeen Ahmed (Karnataka, India)

6. Varun (Kerala, India)

7. Jayeshri Anil Gaikwad (Maharashtra, India)

8. Vidhu sarwal (Chandigarh, India)

9. Kritya (India)

10. Kazi Abu Rousan (West Bengal, India)




11. Satyam Sarma (Assam, India)

12. Talath Humera (Karnataka, India)

13. Jabran Ayoub Bhat (Jammu & Kashmir)

14. Baltas Cruz

!5. ravi raj (Jharkhand, India)

16. Ananya Goyal (New Delhi, India)

17. Athulya (Kerala, India)

18. Shibangi Majumder (Maharashtra, India)

19. Warda Janjua

20. Bibhunanda (India)



We also selected another 5 participants whose performance is excellent. (Rank 21 to Rank 25)

Ravi Raja Pothuneni (Hyderabad, India), Mehak Arora (India), Pulkit Sahu (Madhya Pradesh, India), Lovepreet Singh (Punjab, India) and Pranali Laxman Thakur (Maharashtra, India).



Note – Selections are based on how your submitted article was. We gave you rank according to the quality of your content. Since there was high competition, though remaining participants were also performed well. If you are not selected that’s not mean that you are not good at writing articles. Actually, we choose the best of the best candidates among all the candidates. So take a breath and enjoy PHYSICS. All the candidates were good.

Thanks to all the candidates to participate in this contest. If you are not selected then don’t worry. We will organize another contest next year. And congratulation to all selected candidates. We will inform you on your mail and will send you a certificate also.

Krishan Kumar

Krishan Kumar

A Physics Enthusiast, An Entrepreneur and A Motivational Speaker, Krishan Kumar, A multi-talented personality has been portraying the role of a Science Communicator for the past 4 years. He has the utmost passion for Physics. He is truly in fact, a physicist-in-process. He is also the Co-Founder of CosmosNow (India’s First Independent Astronomy Magazine) and Fastika (A Delivery System Startup).

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