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New magnetic element discovered at room temperature

(Last Updated On: June 4, 2018)

Apart from 3 previously known Ferromagnetic elements at room temperature, Researchers at University Of Minnesota have discovered that element Ruthenium (Ru) too posses unique magnetic properties at room temperature.

Before this discovery it was thought that only 3 elements (Fe, Co, Ni) had ferromagnetic properties at room temperature.

While only one element, Gadolinium (Gd) was near to this mark after just missing the room temperature by 8 degrees, too had ferromagnetic properties.

Importance of this Discovery




When this discovery was first announced by the University Of Minnesota, it was very clear that this isn’t something from a next day breaking daily!

In fact, it become a good announcement as it was something to be very frequently used in years to come.

Magnetic Materials have very high importance in industry as well as in R&D departments.

Magnetism helps in building sensors, electric motors, generators, hard disks and most important is spintronic memories.

As the Ru element is the fourth in this line, it can be now possible to maintain Crystal Lattice structure and even to impose one which is physically impossible otherwise.

Industry partners agree with this collaboration


Intel Chips

Big industry partners such as Intel are pleased with their collaboration they have C-SPIN (Center for Spintronics Research) and University Of Minnesota, said senior fellow at Intel.

This type of Quantum electronic behavior can help us understand these systems much more closely. As well as help us in making much more efficient logic and memory devices.


DARPA is also showing a bit of interest in this as Spintronic devices are of rapidly increasing importance in semiconductor industry.

The Importance of Magnetism in the industry

Magnetism is a very important phenomena on which most of industry work is dependent on.

Take for instance, that Magnetic recording is still the dominant player in data storage technology. But magnetic based random-access memory and computing is beginning to take its place. These magnetic memories and logic devices put additional constraints on the magnetic materials. Compared to traditional hard disk media magnetic materials.

This has made the discovery of this new magnetic phenomena showing material a big-deal also being the reason why industries as big as Intel are showing their interests here.

Why Ruthenium was used?

Ruthenium was used because it is resistant to oxidation, and additionally it has a high thermal stability , which is a vital requirement for scaling magnetic memories and efficient logic devices.

So Gentlemen, this was all for today, but hang tight as more information is flowing through.

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