Space Time – What is it? – Simple Explanation

Space Time – What is it? – Simple Explanation

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To understand this mysterious world, scientists and physicists gave a lot of theories and concepts in which many successful and unsuccessful. In 1905, Albert Einstein gave his Special Theory of Relativity which changed all the physics. In 1915, Einstein gave General Theory of Relativity, which became very popular in the future.  Space Time is the famous word associated with both of these.

Today these two principles have passed more than 100 years. But it still remains a mystery to the scientists, Physicist and students. It is easy to understand it but it is a bit difficult to understand and use it in nature. We will talk about on the space time. We will explain what the space time is and why it needs and its benefits, so let’s start.

What Newton said?

Newton initially told that our space is flat, there is no curve of any kind, they used Simply 3D to reproduce any item like the Cartesian Coordinates. It contains three axis x, y and z.


space time
Cartesian Coordinates (Source –


So, according to Newton, we need only 3 dimension x y and z to define an object. And he told that space and time are different, according to them, the time is constant and space and time are equal for all observers. For example if you spend an hour in the universe, then it will be equal to everyone and everyone will spend an hour. But does that happen?

What Einstein said?

If we take a little bit of scientific information, it does not happen, Einstein also said that this is not the case. According to them, to measure an event, we need time along with space and time is not equal for all observers. For this reason, he gave special theory of relativity.

At the moment, we focus on space time, according to Einstein, Space time is relative, i.e., space does not exist without time and time does not exist without space. This means that we can not walk in space without time i.e. if we have to walk in space then we have to walk in time also. Similarly if we want to move in time then we have to move in space.

For example, We can display this as a coin in general. If a part of coin is considered space and the other part is considered time, then a coin reproduces the space time. From this, we can say that coins exist in the space and time together. None of the space or time is exist alone.

We can understand this from a simple example. Suppose you want to go on a date with your girlfriends, then you will have to tell your girlfriend about the place (space) and date (time). If you do not tell any of these, then you can’t date.

Finally, what is the space-time?

Space time is a fundamental requirement to maximize any event. Without space time, we can not major any event.

Why did we need space time?

And how did we know that time is not constant, it is a relative, we can understand it from small example.

Suppose your college has an explosion and Also assume that your home is a light minute from your college and your friend is 5 light minutes away from your college. This is not possible because light minutes are very big distances but we have considered it to understand. When the explosion occurs, you will see this explosion after a light minute but your friend will see it after 5 light minutes. So there was only one event but due to some observer the time of this event changed.

For this reason Einstein had said that the time is not constant,it depends on the frame of reference or reference point. That is it depends on what we are talking about. Due to this we need distance mean space and time to major an event. So we got to know that in order to major an event, we need space ie x, y, z and time.

Now the question arises that what are the advantages of space Time?

And from space time how do we see the mysterious world of this universe?

According to Einstein, Space Time is Responsible for Gravity. We all know that Gravity is the force that takes place between two objects, depending on the distance between their mass and the two, it was told by Newton.

But Einstein said that in reality Gravity is the reason due to the curvature of space time of any object. If a space time is too much curved then gravity will be too much, it is called Einstein’s General Theory of Relativity. We will explain this in detail in next post.

space time
Curvature of space time (Source –

Friends, we can understand the curvature of space time with a simple example. Believe there is a rubber seat or a sheet that we consider it is space-time. And there is a big ball that we place on the sheet somewhere in between, which we call sun. And we take a small marble which is a lot smaller than big ball, we consider it as our Earth. When we leave this marble on the sheet, it moves circularly and slowly approaches that big ball and moves in a particular type of orbit. Although this speed ends later, but we can understand from this how the earth is moving around the Sun due to space Time curvature of sun and gravity works.

According to Einstein, our weight is also due to our motion in space time.

What we understood?

So we understood that where space time is high, gravity is more. like the black hole is have too much mass. So there’s a lot of space time curvature there too, that’s why the black hole’s gravity is so high that the ray of light can not even come out.

Another advantage of space time is that with its help we can know the past of the event and the future. If we draw the graph between the time and space then we can know what is the past and the future of an event.

We can understand this from an example, let i throw stones into any sea water. By which will become capricious. If we watch it to reduce time and make a graph between space and time them it will be look like a cone.


space time
space time diagram of stone


So, if we make this graph further, then we get the future of this event. And if we reverse the graph then we get the past of this event.


space time


So we can get the past and the future of any event by the space time diagram.

Similarly, we can understand the universe after the big bang with its help.

space time

Check this video for details (This video is in Hindi language) –


So we understood what space time is, why it needs and what it’s benefits. If you still have a doubt related to space time then you can ask me in comments section. If you want to ask even more then you can ask freely in a comment.

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