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One thought on “Space Time – What is it? – Simple Explanation

  • October 1, 2018 at 11:23 pm

    The nature of Space-Time Continuum (STC) is still a mystery, evident in the theme of a conference held in Albena, BULGARIA in May 2018. The was Nature of STC, real or imagoinary?I have compared STC with a Ghost and argued that STC and Ghost, both, qre insensible. That is why in a horror movie Ghost is depicted with some material thing looking fearful. The usual visualization of STC (found in books) usually shows a 2D fabric, bending down due to a massive ball representing star. But I object to this visualization used by Einstein’s followers because they don’t inspire Euinsteining-like thinking – on the other hand thye “dictate” Einstein’s thinking – which causes harm for the “liking” of the subject


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