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Sun is a star located in the center of our solar system. And that is responsible for the Earth’s weather. It’s a perfect sphere.

Sun as a perfect sphere (Source – Wikipedia)

Quick Facts

  • The radius of the Sun is 695,700 km which is 110 times more than the radius of the Earth.
  • Its age is considered to be 4.6 billion years.
  • It is composed of about 70% Hydrogen and 28% of the Helium and other materials comes in 2%.
  • Its mass is 1.99×10^30 kilogram, which is 333,000 times more than the mass of the earth.
  • It is a mixer of all colors, that’s why we see it white.
  • Its surface temperature is considered to be 5,500 degrees Celsius.
  • Its temperature at the center of the Sun is 1,50,000,00 degree Celsius”.
  • It is considered as the main sequence star or yellow Dwarf.
  • 10 lakhs of Earth can fit inside the Sun.
  • It makes 99.86% mass of our solar system. This gives you an idea of ​​how large the Sun is.
  • Its temperature is so high due to nuclear reaction.
  • Nuclear Fusion changes Hydrogen into Helium, which generates very large amount of Energy.
  • If there is no gravitational force on the sun then it will split as a huge bomb. But it takes a lot of gravitational force by its core.
  • It is believed that when the total hydrogen of the Sun will convert into helium (After about 130 million years) , then it become Red Giant. And it will devour the Mercury, Venus and Earth.
  • After red dwarf it will be collapsed and it will be shaped like earth called White Dwarf.

Need More?

  • The Sun’s ray takes 8 minutes 20 seconds to reach the earth, but the ray of the sun gives millions of years to reach the surface of the sun from its center.
  • it revolves around the center of the Milky Way (Galactic Center) and completes its Orbit in 250 million years.
  • It is called yellow dwarf because it is in half the life of a star i.e. it is 4.5 million years old. And its future age is 5 billion years hence this is called yellow Dwarf.
  • It has a very large magnetic field of itself, that is, because it is the magnetic field of the Sun, it produces too much magnetic energy, which makes solar flares.
  • And for this reason solar winds are formed, it’s speed is approximately 450 kilometers per second.

Here is the video for more details about the sun. (Language- Hindi)

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