Are Time Travel And Teleportation one and the Same Thing?

Time Travel And Teleportation

The main aim of this thesis has been to improve that teleportation and time travel are one and the same thing under quantum levels with different frame of references relative to the given place.

Time Travel

When we normally say time travel, we normally refer it to as the transfer of a body from one time frame to another. But since it is not possible to go back in past we can only go in future as negative time does not exist. But positive time does. However when we see it at quantum levels, we can say that there is a transfer of collection of atoms enclosed within the body from one place to another with reference to time frame. Someone may say that law of conservation of mass is being violated here. But this will be explained in the next section.


Teleportation has been defined as the teleportation of a sub atomic particle or a massless particle or any sort of matter from one place to another with respect to space frame. Physicist have been able to teleport subatomic particles from one place to another using the principles of quantum entanglement. Under this phenomenan when two particles are entangled with each other at quantum levels they exhibit same properties at large distances even at light year distances.

Teleportation can be defined as we say, there is a person at place A whose quantum state is known. And we want to teleport him to a place B. Therefore if we entangled the atoms of the body with that to of place B then these atoms must arrange themselves in a way in order to match the quantum state of that of body at Part A.
As a result, law of conservation of mass is not violated here, as the particles at place A have been teleported to place B. But the particles at place A must destroy themselves at that place and go to place B instantaneously and simultaneously.

Because of this phenomenan it is widely said that we can teleport only small sub atomic particles but not the whole collection of atoms as Heisenberg uncertainty principle doesn’t allow it as magnitude and direction of an atom cannot be determined at the same time which makes it very difficult to measure the body’s quantum state, intrinsic spin of atoms etc.


We can say that at quantum levels both of them are one and space thing approximately. In order to achieve the both we must look at both as a single phenomena, not as two entirely different concepts. This also makes time travel possible as the information of the collection of atoms {given by quantum entanglement} located inside the body can travel at light speed distances and go to the desired places where we want to go. This also not disproves Einstein’s theory of relativity . It says that time travel cannot be possible.

This can even provide for black hole information paradox as it allows the information when it goes near the black hole to teleport itself to a timeline when black hole will not exist where it could have evaporated due to hawking radiation.

Therefore there must exist a pathway in space time fabric or in the quantum realm that allows for this to happen.

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