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Top 10 Unanswered Questions In Physics

(Last Updated On: January 27, 2018)

Have you ever wondered that how is the universe began, Who created this universe, Why we sleep etc… There is many question in human mind which science cannot explain. Here is the top 10 unanswered questions in physics.

1. What is dark energy and dark matter?

Scientist calculates that, In the universe 73% dark energy, 23% dark matter and 4% normal matter. Now, you know that dark energy and dark matter both are very important because they have almost 96%.
When scientist use the telescope for seeing in the universe, then they feel something which invisible (something dark) and then they called it ‘Dark Matter’.



Now we talk about dark energy. Dark energy is the biggest mystery of the universe. It is everywhere. It will determine the fate of our universe. And we still not idea what it is.


But scientists cann’t  explain that  what is existence of dark energy and dark matter. And why it is invisible? 
That is most wanted question, that’s why i put it on the no. 1.

2. Extra dimensions are possible?

We all know that there are three dimensions possible. When we describe the size of an object, or of a space like a room, we use three numbers; the height, the width and the depth. The height, width and depth of a room are numbers that can vary independently from one another. That is one way to see that space is three dimensional.

When mathematicians or physicists talk about dimensions, they mean the number of independent coordinates needed to specify any point in a given space. In presently there are three dimensions (x, y, z,).The gravitational force between two planets and the electrostatic force between two electric charges were both observed to vary as the inverse square  of the distance between the two objects. So if you twice as far away, the force will only be one fourth as strong. But the numbers of the coordinates in a mathematical equation are easy to increase on paper. When the gravitational and electrostatic equations are solved in a space with D dimensions, then the force varies with distance. This gives physicists an interesting way to do fine measurements of the numbers of the dimensions of space. And time will be an extra dimension.


   So, what is possible? if this possible then how many dimensions? And what mean of dimensions?


3. What is the real direction of flow of current electricity?


We all know that electron flow negative terminal to positive terminal because positive terminal have lack of electrons and it attract electrons. And we also know that current flow opposite of flow of electron, means current flow positive terminal to negative terminal. But here is a big question that, why current flow in opposite direction of flow of electrons?

Actually Benjamin Franklin discover current electricity. In that time proton and electrons are not discover. He assume that current flow positive to negative. So it is an assumption. That’s way we are not know actual direction of current.
    So, Which direction in current flow and why? 

4. Do we break the velocity of light?

We all know that light have maximum velocity in the universe. It is 299792458 meter per second and takes 499 seconds to travel from the sun to the earth. It is so fast.
So, What are we break it? 

5. How did the universe begin?



It is the biggest question. Many scientists try to solve this mystery but what is real? it nobody know.
Like, Stephen Hawking give many theories and a big bang model come. So many models come, but no any one knows about beginning the universe.

6. How is balance universe?

Everyone believes in the balance of the world. But we don’t know that why are we alive and which thing is supporting us. Every man is born but die. The universe is balanced. But we did not know that what is our existence? The nature has many thing and balanced, but what is the reason that we alive?
  So,Why we alive and balanced and after some time die? And where we gone?

7.What is Gravity?

  So, Where does gravity come from?And what cause gravity?

8. What is the lifetime of the proton and how do we understand?

We know that every atom has a Nucleon and every nucleon have proton and neutron. Proton has a positive charge and mass, but neutron is neutral. But due to proton decay, one day destroy the whole molecule. But,in real this not possible.
    So, Why proton is not losing their charge and energy and don’t destroy?

9. Where is the origin of ultra high energy cosmic rays?


There are many rays, which include high temperature, come on the earth. And        happened global warming on the earth. Some rays are very dangerous which affect    the human body like ultraviolet ray. But we did not know there’s origin.
So, Where are come from these rays and how it made? 

10. Do neutrinos have mass?

If we look deep into the universe, we stars and galaxies of all shapes and sizes. What we do not see, however, is that the universe is filled with particles called neutrinos. These particles have no charge and created less than one second after this bang bang. It is everywhere even in our body.
     So, What is mass of newtrinos?

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