Top 9 Unanswered Questions In Physics

Top 9 Unanswered Questions In Physics

(Last Updated On: February 10, 2020)

The Universe or the Realm of mysteries has always called upon the brightest of human minds to rise above their own moral selves to answer the most bizarre of the mysteries of Cosmos. To go beyond the unknown in their quench for the thirst of knowledge and curiosity. In its most profound realization, the Universe has always filled the human mind with awe. The perplexing nature of the universe that surrounds us has led humanity to ponder questions that are still a mystery. 

Their numbers are so big that we fail to count them. So, let us talk about the most mysterious to such unanswered questions in physics that have haunted humanity and may so to eternity.

9. What Is Beyond The Edge of Our Universe?

The data gathered from the observation of Cosmic Microwave Background Radiation (CMBR) has suggested the uneven expansion of the Universe, but also about the shape of our very own Universe.

Cosmic Microwave Background Radiation
Cosmic Microwave Background Radiation (Credit- NASA)

Seeing it as a whole tells us how the universe is nearly spherical suggesting that there may not be an end to its vastness of infinite space. However, everyday observation of stars shows it to be flat yet never-ending.

So, is the universe flat or spherical? We are not so sure about it inciting the question is there an edge to the universe as we know it?

8. The Matter-Antimatter Asymmetry Problem

We are aware of the general fact that there was nothing before the Big Bang. According to our present knowledge of the big bang, we know that the Big Bang created equal amounts of matter and antimatter. So, why is there far more access to matter than antimatter? Why don’t we see anti-matter in our daily life? Had anti-matter been so there should have been anti-matter galaxies, anti-matter people, etc. But we don’t come across them at all. Why does this happen?

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Matter and Antimatter (unanswered questions in physics)
Matter and Antimatter

Various solutions have been given by various scientists like Stephen Hawking who tried to answer this problem with the help of the Standard Model of Particle Physics. concerning the quarks and antiquarks. But what exactly happened is an unknown mystery which we cannot imagine.

7. What Will Be The Fate of Our Universe?

The end of the universe as we know it, physicists still argue over the question related to the end of everything. The fate of our very own universe and us with it largely depends on the fight for dominance of the universe between the dark matter and dark energy.

Energy Distribution (unanswered questions in physics)
Energy Distribution

Dark matter is trying to keep the galaxies together. On the other hand, dark energy is trying to rip them apart into the infinity of the space.

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6. Are We Alone In The Universe?

It is perhaps one of the biggest and fundamental questions that haunt our imaginations. The fact that we are not alone in this Universe would challenge the notion of the human mind in its notion sense of uniqueness and may incite conflict over the concept of ‘GOD’.

NASA’s Kepler mission has discovered thousands of planets beyond earth, teaching us there are literally billions of planets for supporting Earth-like life in our galaxy alone. But the universe contains billions of galaxies, so the chances of intelligent life existing are very high.

Earth-Like Exoplanets
Earth-Like Exoplanets (Credit- NASA)

But what if we are special and are the only intelligent species in this realm of cosmos. That makes us quite special!

5. What Is Dark Energy?

dark energy (unanswered questions in physics)

Analysis of the data received from the Hubble Space Telescope concerning the spectrum of the light coming from various galaxies shows that the spectrum has been red-shifted. Data suggests that the space-time fabric of the universe is expanding non-uniformly at a speed greater than the speed of light in all directions at a nonaccelerating rate.

This implies that galaxies are moving far away from each other at a steady non-uniform rate. There must be a mysterious force that is giving the galaxies this extra push. This mysterious force is said to have provided by dark energy. Dark energy plays an even greater role in cosmic evolution than dark matter. It acts in opposition to gravity and has an unknown form dominating the whole universe.

4. What Is Dark Matter?

dark matter (unanswered questions in physics)

Dark matter, as the name suggests is an unknown mystery giving shape to our very own Universe as we see it. The amount of matter that constitutes the galaxies is not enough to hold the stirring galaxies together! Scientists believe that dark matter may account for the unexplained motion of stars within galaxies.

The observed gravitational effects cannot be explained with the widely accepted theory of gravity unless more matter is present that cannot be observed with formal techniques. The calculation shows that many galaxies would fly apart or that they wouldn’t have formed or would not move as they do if they did not contain a large amount of unseen matter.

Unlike normal matter, dark matter doesn’t interact directly with the electromagnetic force but it does interact with normal matter through gravity. This makes it extremely hard to spot in the extreme vastness of the space.

3. The Big Bang

The birth of our Universe, one of the easiest questions to ask yet the one which has meddled with the minds of physicists for more than a century. The question that triggers the human intellect is that what triggered it? Why did it happen? Was there anything before the Big Bang? Did “GOD” create the Universe?

the big bang theory
The Big Bang Theory (Credit- NASA)

It is a topic of hot interest among the physicists with varied opinions from both sides. Some argue that the Big Bang wasn’t the beginning while some say that our notion of “TIME” came after the big bang. So any event before the big bang will not affect the modern universe, therefore any event happening before the big bang should be of no consideration.

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Cosmologist Alexander Vilenkin, on the other hand, believes that the Big Bang wasn’t a one-off event, but merely one of a series of Big Bangs creating an endless number of bubble universes. This creates an endless cycle of all possible events that can happen and will happen to take away the notion of free will. We all know that the truth could be far from reality.

2. What Is Gravity?

The notion of Physics began with the question asked by Sir. Isaac Newton that what is gravity? Which further led to various advancements in physics in the years that followed. Later when Albert Einstein formulated his theory of relativity defining gravity as an effect of the curvature in space-time.

The curvature of Space-Time
The curvature of Space-Time

After the discovery of the standard model of particle physics, gravity was defined to be a force carrier by a force-carrying particle graviton that carried its force from one body to another.

After, the discovery of black holes and electroweak theory, physicists are still not sure as to what is gravity actually? It is almost ironic to the fact that the question which gave birth to modern physics still hasn’t been answered until now.

1. What’s inside a black hole?

Black Holes are the most fascinating, unusual, and most dangerous objects of the Universe that you would ever come across. In simple terms, it is defined as “A place where the entire mass of the star has been concentrated such that gravity becomes so enormous that not even light can escape it”.

Black Hole Illustration
Black Hole Illustration

At the center of the black hole, where the entire mass of a star is compressed, we get what we know as a singularity. The gravitational pull there is so infinite that quantum interactions hold inviting the Grand Unified Theory (GUT) to take charge. This theory is said that it will reconcile with the theory of general relativity and will explain all the phenomena of physics in the observable universe.

Since human intellect is not much advance yet to answer such a mysterious question, the question of what lies inside a black hole is a complete mystery.

Here’s the complete list of top 9 unanswered questions in physics-

  1. What’s inside a black hole?
  2. What is Gravity?
  3. The Big Bang – What triggered it? Why did it happen? Was there anything before the Big Bang? Did “GOD” create the Universe?
  4. What is dark matter?
  5. What is dark energy?
  6. Are we alone in the universe?
  7. What will be the fate of our universe?
  8. The matter-antimatter asymmetry problem
  9. What is beyond the edge of our universe?

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