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One thing that might be stuck in the orifices of brain is ‘warrior the black hole?’ 

The black hole has been a warrior since the discovery , just struggling for its existence & necessitate everything that is needed to take us on that path of the galaxies on which it exists. And the great example of its triumph is Cygnus X-1 system.

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Before we take a step into this complex or system , we need to talk about some terms.

In the early 70s , there was only deliberation of nascent BH with definition of not emitting anything from it & light could not escape from it. Scientists had been pitching in with piles of the theories & continuously prepping a plot for a staircase which may lead them to the black-hole.

Here, I regard Mr. Chandrashekhar’s efforts (the indian scientist ) as a golden base of black hole theory in cygnus x1 i.e. star lines:- a very small& dense star of more than about one and a half times the mass of the sun would not be able to support itself against its own gravity. This mass is known as the ‘chandra limit’.

1) If a star’s mass is less than the Chandra limit, it can stop contracting & get a final state as a white dwarf. It is supported by Pauli exclusive principle of repulsion between electrons in its matter (i.e. two matter particles in a star can’t have the same position & same velocity. Matter particles have different velocities. This make them move away from gravitational attraction of matter particles of a small star.) White dwarfs are discoverd near to the brightest star ‘Sirius’.

2) Much smaller , highly densed than the white dwarfs , two times mass of the sun would be supported by exclusive principle in between neutrons & protons. They are called neutron stars.

Now the big issue is…

How to detect a black hole as by it’s very definition it does not emit any light because light can not escape in it.

According to astronomers , it is observed that a no. of system in which two stars orbit around each other , attract each other by gravity & only one is visible whether one is not.

Such system is called ” cygnus x-1 system” In order to understand this kind of system which is a source of x-rays , take a glance on the image:


Later some of the astronomers of Harvard proved Mr. Stephen Hawking wrong. They demonstrated that the cygnus system sustain black hole by measuring the mass & distance of unseen companion.

“Once again , it is an answer to all from the sides of those battles which are fought to get rights of existence of being a hole black & called to be a warrior, is as worth as Truth”

And as per I say ; 

“Truth is the universal constant . It remains invariant at all & even in black holes….”

Thank you.

Reference:- The theory of everything by st.hawking





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