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Why We Need Wormhole?

Mankind is very curious from the very beginning. Flirting stars and celestial bodies always appearing on this blue sky attracted humans to study them. As time went by, humans also continued to study this universe in search of other planets and discovered new things. But we all know that there is no limit to this universe and it is constantly spreading.

From The Big Bang Theory, we can understand why this is growing. At the moment, we know that the universe is infinite and it’s constantly growing. The most tragic thing is that our neighboring stars and galaxies are too far in this universe that we can not reach at there in our lifetime.

Even the nearest neighbor star of Earth Proxima Centauri is 4.22 light-years away, if we send Voyager spacecraft on Proxima Centauri, it will take us more than 80000 years. Even if we move at the speed of light, it will still take 4.22 year to reach. But this is not possible due to special theory of relativity, because we need infinite Energy to travel with speed of light which is not possible.

Scientists do not have such technology now that we can travel quite a lot of distance. Now the question arises, is there any such method that we can spend a lot of distance traveling in very short time. And humans travel far and wide in this space and explore this universe like story of Interstellar movie.

Yes it is possible through the Wormhole. So we will understand that what is the wormhole, how it is formed and whether it exists in the universe and how we can travel through it.


Wormhole – An Artist’s Illustration (Source – Space.com)


What Is It?

We know that in 1915 Einstein gave General Theory of Relativity. In 1935, Einstein and Nathan Rosen, with the help of General Theory of Relativity, mathematically proved that there is shortcut between two points in the space time. I have explained the space time in the previous post. You can read it.

According to Einstein and Nathan Rosen, this universe has a theoretical tunnel or shortcuts in space time, which shortens the long journey. They proved it mathematically. This is called Einstein – Rose Bridge or Wormhole.

We can understand this from a simple example. Let I took a paper which we assumed as space time, and with an pencil, we made 2 points on this paper.

So now if we want to travel from one point to another point, we can go from a straight line. But if we fold this paper and put the pencil out of those 2 points, then the distance will decrease.


Source – Mrlnky


That’s Wormhole. So we got to know that the wormhole is a tunnel in space time, which reduces distance and time between any two points.

How this tunnel is formed?

We know that the object of which mass will be greater, it will have more space time curvature. That means it will be more distorted so that it and other heavy objects together will create a space time tunnel. Now the question arises whether it really exist or not and how it is formed.

According to some physicists, wormhole exists and according to others, wormhole doesn’t exist. If we think scientifically, then if something had proved mathematically , it means that it is either exist in nature or we can make it. That means it does exists. So we will talk about its existence.

You watched many sci-fi movies in they talk about space travel through wormhole. Actually it is very difficult. If we want to travel in space through wormhole, then it can be very risky, which has two big reasons.

1. Size

According to Johan Wheeler’s Quantum foam Hypothesis, in this universe the wormhole continues to be formed and destroyed like Virtual Particle (A virtual particle is a particle that is formed in space and destroys it). And they said that the size of wormholes is very small, which is so small that we can not even detect it. Because of this, this can be risky, but we all know that the universe is constantly growing. So it is likely that the size of wormhole can be large.

2. Stabillity

Physicists believes that these wormholes are formed for a very short time because it collapse fastly. That means their stability is very low. Therefore it is unusable to travel in space.

But for both these reasons the question arises can we change the size and stability of the wormhole?

Scientists say that it is possible if we use Exotic Matter.

Exotic Matter (Source – techeblog.com)


Exotic Matter Is Different From Normal Mater. It have negative Energy Density and negative pressure. If we use this exotic matter, then it will save the wormhole from collapsing. And it will keep open the wormhole for long time and will increase the size so that we can easily travel through it.

We can understand this from a simple example. We know that the black hole pulls the objects with too much force on their side.


Black Hole (Source – www.mnn.com)


And white hole is an opposite form of black hole. That means White hole removes every object from itself.


White Hole (Source – NASA)

Similarly exotic mater works. And increase the size of the wormhole, which increases its stability.

But the exotic metric has not been found yet. The scientist do not know how to make that matte or where to find. Davis (physicist) is trying to make exotic matter in a lab in Torronto. If we have created an exotic mater and also discovered wormhole, then we can go in Past and future.

But keep an eye on the fact that you can go from the one universe to another. And there will be no conjecture of time that you can also lost in that new world. But for a moment it will be interesting too.

Today’s technology is not so advanced that we stabilize the wormhole. But the scientists continue to work on this. When human beings have super advanced technology, then the day is not far when human will travel through the wormhole in space time.

Check this video for more information (This video is in Hindi language) –



So we understood what wormhole is, why it needs and hoe it form. If you still have a doubt related to wormhole then you can ask me in comments section. If you want to ask even more then you can ask freely in a comment.

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