5 Most Advanced Humanoid Robots In The World

5 Most Advanced Humanoid Robots In The World

Advance intelligent robots, Humanoid Robots is a term we usually encounter in Sci-fi movies or novels. Up till now, they have been nothing but wild and inexplicable imaginations of a mind on a piece of paper, but who could have reflected on the possibility that these thoughts of humanoid robots could maybe someday take shape.

Never before since the dawn of civilization has humanity come so close to creating such sophisticated and remarkable ‘life’ which can interpret and think, listen and communicate, perform complicated tasks like those of humans. Due to unprecedented advancements in Science and Technology almost every decade, humanity is witnessing the rise of Artificial Intelligence or Humanoid Robots.

So here is the list of the Top 5 Most Advanced Humanoid Robots In The World –

1. Sophia

Sophia: The Most Advanced Humanoid Robot (Most Advanced Humanoid Robots)
Sophia: The Most Advanced Humanoid Robot

One of them is the social humanoid robot known as Sophia created by Hanson robotics company. She was activated on February 14, 2016, and baffled the world into awe when she was provided with the citizenship of Saudi Arabia. Sofia can perform several sophisticated and complicated tasks using artificial intelligence, visual data processing, and facial recognition. She can also interpret facial gestures and patterns of one’s speech using state-of-the-art cameras in her eyes and a higher-order functioning “brain”. The replies are based on previously prerecorded scripted replies and facial parameters whose combination is performed out of a complex algorithm such that one interprets such replies as of a human. Sophia is a revolutionary Humanoid robot and opens the door to the possibility of more advanced robots.

2. RoboCop

World's First Humanoid Robocop By Pal Robotics
World’s First Humanoid Robocop By Pal Robotics

The next Humanoid Robot in the list of the 5 Most Advanced Humanoid Robots is our RoboCop, the world’s first AI-based humanoid robot cop. Cyborg was created by Pal Robotics for the Dubai Police in May 2017. It has assumed a full-time role in the police force. Equipped with a unique AI brain, the robot can identify criminals amidst the crowd and also collect evidence. It independently patrols the city malls and can also be used to pay fines and submit complaints by anyone. The introduction of the robot to the police force has been so successful that government aims to increase its production to have 25 percent RoboCop’s in the police force.

3. Kuri

Kuri Robot (Most Advanced Humanoid Robots)
Kuri Robot

Next to RoboCop is Kuri who is only 20 inches tall. Designed by Mayfield Robotics. Kuri is a next-generation Humanoid Robot built specifically to interact with Household companions. Having an advance built-in laser guidance system, Kuri roams around one’s houses and can recognize gestures, take photos of memorable events, and even plays music. Equipped with bright LEDs, Kuri can use them to communicate her feelings and gestures to the household members. With a state of art high tech cameras and processing systems, Kuri has unique facial recognition and also works as a security guard.

4. THR3

Toyota's Humanoid Robot: THR3
Toyota’s Humanoid Robot: THR3

The next Humanoid Robot in the list of the 5 Most Advanced Humanoid Robots is THR3 constructed by Toyota Industries which is a third-generation humanoid robot. This robot, in particular, has a unique processing system that works by mimicking or one can say shadowing the movements of its controller. Built with 29 parts which include 10 fingers and 16 master control system provides a very high degree of flexibility to this robot as compared to others. Performing movement of body parts like a human equips the robot to do a wide range of works like shifting heavy materials in construction work, perform rescue operations to doing regular house chores.


Honda's Humanoid Robot: ASIMO (Most Advanced Humanoid Robots)
Honda’s Humanoid Robot: ASIMO

Next up is ASIMO (Advanced Step in Innovative Mobility), the most sophisticated and advance humanoid robot whose first design was made in the year 2000 by Honda. Having gone through various cycles of innovation over 21 years, the present edition draws no similarity to its ancestor. Equipped with a wide array of sensors, ASIMO can easily recognize hand and facial gestures, identify their surroundings and perform their operations as per the environment and understand the sound of words. As compared to humanoid robots, ASIMO stands above all when it comes to performing humanoid movements like running, walking, showing the gesture of respect, and can speak in several languages with the same degree of efficiency in all the operations.

That’s it, guys! We hope that you liked the above list. if we missed any robot then you can mention it in the comment section. We will concern about your opinion.

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