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April 22 in Physics History - Births – Physicists born on April 22

Immanuel Kant (22 Apr 1724 - 12 Feb 1804)

He was a German philosopher mathematician and physicist. He published his theory of the heavens in 1755 this physical view of the universe contained 3 important anticipations for the astronomers. 1. describe the milky way as the lens that shapes the collection of stars that represented only one of many island universes. 2. He said that friction from tides slowed down the rotation of the earth which was confirmed after a hundred years. 3. he made the nebular hypothesis before Laplace.

Gaston Planté (22 Apr 1834 - 21 May 1889)

He was a French physicist who constructed the first-ever storage battery in 1859. His battery was rechargeable and was able to provide electricity. The battery is before his invention could be used and discharged just one time. Later, Camille Faure improves the cell. It was first adopted for use in automobiles the lead-acid battery continues to be used with the same fundamental design. Is rechargeable battery had an important use for the telegraph also.

Luigi Palmieri (22 Apr 1807- 9 Sep 1896)

He was an Italian meteorologist and physicist who was famous for his scientific studies of directions of mount Vesuvius. He also researched on earthquakes and geological phenomena.

J. Robert Oppenheimer (22 Apr 1904 - 18 Feb 1967)

American theoretical physicist and science administrator. He was the director of the Los Alamos laboratory during the development of the atomic bomb. He was accused of security risk and it leads to a government hearing that resulted in the loss of his security clearance and office position as advisor of the US government.

Harold Jeffreys (22 Apr 1891 - 18 Mar 1989)

He was an English astronomer, mathematician, and geophysicist. He proposed models for the structures of the outer planets, and also studied the solar system. When he analyzed the earthquake waves, he found that the core of the Earth is molten fluid. He also contributed to the general theory of plant ecology, dynamics, aerodynamics, and relativity theory.

April 22 in Physics History - Deaths – Physicists died on April 22

Jack Allen (6 May 1908 - 22 Apr 2001)

He was a Canadian physicist who was working at the Royal Society Mond Laboratory in Cambridge. He discovered that liquid helium could flow through a very small capital lease with practically zero viscosity if we put it under 2.17 Kelvin temperature. He discovered the fluidity of liquid helium with Don Misener. His work was published on 8 January 1938 in the journal Nature.

Fritz Strassmann (22 Feb 1902 - 22 Apr 1980)

He was a German physicist & chemist who discovered neutron-induced nuclear fission in Uranium with Otto Hahn and Lise Meitner. After that, they opened the field of atomic energy that is used both in the atomic bomb for war and a nuclear reactor to produce electrical energy. He also had developed the medium store denim technique of radio dating geological samples and his analytical chemistry techniques show that the lighter elements that were produced from neutron bombardment when the result of the splitting of the uranium atom into two lighter atoms.

Emilio Segrè (1 Feb 1905 -22 Apr 1989)

He was an Italian American physicist who discovered the antiproton. He was awarded the Nobel Prize for Physics in 1959 for his discovery. An antiproton is an antiparticle having the same mass as a proton but opposite in electrical charge. He also created new elements technetium and astatine. Technitium was the first man-made element that was not found in nature.

April 22 in Physics History - Events – Physics Events of April 22

The First Earth Day

The first nationwide Earth Day was celebrated in the US in 1970. It was celebrated as an environmental awareness event by millions of Americans with rallies & marches. Later President Nixon created the environmental protection agency in the same year. The agency is created to conduct research set standards, monitor activities, and help to the infosys environmental protection laws.

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