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April 27 in Physics History - Births – Physicists born on April 27

Maurice de Broglie (27 Apr 1875 - 14 Jul 1960)

He was a French physicist who made contributions to the field of nuclear physics and cosmic radiation. He discovered the third L absorption edge in 1916 which helped in the exploration of “corpuscular spectra”. His area of study was X-ray spectroscopy. He used the application of Bragg’s “focusing effect” to rotate the crystals to eliminate spurious spectral lines. He first installed the French shipboard wireless by himself while in the Navy.

Valeri Vladimirovich Polyakov (Born On 27 Apr 1942)

He is a Russian cosmonaut and doctor who is known for the longest stay in space, which was of 241 days. He was selected as the biomedical specialist cosmonaut on 22nd March 1972 for a planned space station mission.

Charles Joseph Van Depoele (27 Apr 1846 - 18 Mar 1892)

He was a Belgian-American inventor with more than 100 patents on electrical inventions. As a pioneer in electric lightning, he established the practicality of railway cars running on electricity. He invented an electric generator and also exhibited an operating electric streetcar at the Chicago Exposition of Railway Appliances. He sold his patent to Thomson-Houston Electric Company and died four years later. He also designed electric streetcar systems for several cities.

April 27 in Physics History - Deaths – Physicists died on April 27

Rolf William Landauer (4 Feb 1927 - 27 Apr 1999)

He was a German American physicist who contributed to the field of thermodynamics of information processing. He studied the case of digital computers which read and write information as part of their calculations but have extremely small energy dissipation. According to him most of the fundamental laws of physics are time-reversible. He also worked on condensed matter physics and the conductivity of disordered media.

Gerard Kitchen O'Neill (6 Feb 1927 - 27 Apr 1992)

He was an American physicist who designed a 1-kilometer long-sealed cylindrical space station using processed lunar materials and using solar energy. He claimed that this would help in sustaining the human colony in space between Earth and the Moon. He also invented the colliding beam storage ring that increased the energy output of particle accelerators. It utilized beams of particles moving through a ring share the chamber and opposite directions.

April 27 in Physics History - Events – Physics Events of April 27

Element 105

The synthesis of element 105 was reported at the American physical society meeting in Washington DC in 1970. It was synthesized by fusing californium and nitrogen nuclei and was reported by Albert Ghiorso of Lawrence Radiation Laboratory. Its atomic mass was 260 and it was proposed the name hahnium. Eventually, the IUPAC decided to name it dubnium.

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