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April 30 in Physics History - Births – Physicists born on April 30

Carl Friedrich Gauss (30 Apr 1777 -23 Feb 1855)

He was a German mathematician who revolutionized nearly all the areas of mathematics. He contributed to the theory of electricity and magnetism and a unit of magnetic field “gauss” has been named after him. To determine the shape of the Earth, he invented the heliotrope. He was the first who proposed the SI system. He also calculated the orbits of the dwarf planets Ceres and Pallas using a new method.

April 30 in Physics History - Deaths – Physicists died on April 30

No One Physicist Died On This Day

April 30 in Physics History - Events – Physics Events of April 30

Electron Discovered

Joseph John Thomson first announced the existence of electrons, on this day in 1897. He said that he had made a surprising discovery that he had found a particle thousand times smaller than an atom. The scientists found the news hard to believe as they thought that atom was the smallest indivisible particle. The electron became the first elementary particle to be discovered.


Chinese and Arabic astronomers witnessed the supernova in 1006. Its speed and shock wave was measured after a Millenium. At first, it was seen to be brighter than planet Venus. It happened near the star Beta Lupi. It was also recorded in other parts of the world. The Chinese astronomers described that it was yellow and was visible for over a year.

Cosmic Rays Generated Electricity

Cosmic rays that entered a Geiger-Muller counter produced electrical impulses in 1939. It was first used in the illumination ceremony of the 1939 New York World’s Fair. The counter switched on an electric circuit that activated local battery circuits ringing bells and flashing lights. Albert Einstein explained the cosmic rays as a guest speaker at the Lagoon of Nations.

The First Space Medicine

An astronaut received a test fusion for the first time while on the space shuttle in 1993. The saline solution was pumped into him through a needle. This experiment helped in the elimination of common space problems related to dehydration, skinny legs, and puffy face.

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