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January 10 in Physics History - Births – Physicists born on January 10

John Martin Schaeberle (10 Jan 1853 - 17 Sep 1924)

He was a German-American astronomer who designed the “Shaeberle camera” to take pictures of the Sun and the corona during the solar eclipse. He discovered the companion star of Procyon, Procyon B in 1896. He was a good musician and athlete. There are also craters named after him on Mars and Moon.

Robert Woodrow Wilson (Born on 10 Jan 1936)

He is an American radio astronomer who shared the Nobel prize for physics in 1977. He discovered the cosmic microwave background radiation with his coworker Arno Penzias. They used a microwave horn antenna at Bell Laboratories. Their discovery proved to be the remnant radiation from the “Big Bang” model. He is working with his coworker on looking for Interstellar molecules and determining the abundances of Interstellar isotopes.

January 10 in Physics History - Deaths – Physicists died on January 10

Pavel Belyayev (26 Jun 1925 - 10 Jan 1970)

He was a Russian cosmonaut who piloted the Voskhod 2 space mission. It was launched on 18 March 1965. His co-pilot Aleksey Leonov became the first man to walk in space. Belyayev had the experience of 15 years as a military pilot. He was selected for the program in 1960. He died after a long stomach illness.

Valentin Petrovich Glushko (20 Aug 1908 - 10 Jan 1989)​

He was a Soviet rocket scientist who developed rocket engines from 1946-1974. He also worked with rocket designer Sergey Korolyov. Together, they launched the first intercontinental ballistic missile and also the first artificial satellite Sputnik I. He was assigned as a chief designer for the Soviet space program and designed the most successful rocket engines there.

Nicholas Joseph Callan (22 Dec 1799 -10 Jan 1864)

He was an Irish physicist who invented the induction coil in 1836. He pioneered electrical science. He used a clock mechanism to rock a wire in and out of a small cup of mercury to break down a circuit 20 times per second. It produced 15-inch sparks. The coil he built was capable of producing a high voltage current when the primary coil was interrupted.

January 10 in Physics History - Events – Physics Events of January 10

The Moon's Radar Signal Was Detected

A radar signal was detected that was reflected off the Moon’s surface in 1946, on this day. It lasted for 1/4 seconds. It penetrated the atmosphere of Earth. A 180 cycle wave pulse was beamed by the Army Signal Corps from the Evans Signal laboratories.

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