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January 12 in Physics History - Births – Physicists born on January 12

Igor Vasilyevich Kurchatov (12 Jan 1903 - 7 Feb 1960)

He was a Soviet nuclear physicist whose team built a cyclotron and a proton accelerator during his research in the Soviet Union. He was chosen as the director for the development of the first atomic bomb for his country during WW II. He produced the first practical thermonuclear bomb in 1952.

Sergey Pavlovich Korolev (12 Jan 1907 - 14 Jan 1966)

He was a Soviet rocket engineer who was one of the founders of the Moscow Group for the study of Reactive Motion. He designed guided missiles, rockets, and spacecraft. He directed the Vostok spacecraft and most of the U.S.S.R.’s other projects. Because of his efforts, the Vostok project was approved provided the launch vehicle could also be useful to the military.

Knut Johan Ångström (12 Jan 1857 - 4 Mar 1910)

He was a Swedish physicist, who invented an electric compensation pyrheliometer and many more devices used for infrared photography. He used it to study the heat radiation of the Sun.

January 12 in Physics History - Deaths – Physicists died on January 12

Hermann Minkowski (22 Jun 1864 - 12 Jan 1909)

He was a German mathematician who used his geometrical theory of numbers to solve difficult problems of mathematical physics and the theory of relativity. He realized that he could explain the work of Lorentz and Einstein in a non-euclidean space. He gave the idea that space and time are coupled together in a four-dimension “space-time continuum”. His work laid the mathematical foundation of Albert’s General theory of relativity.

January 12 in Physics History - Events – Physics Events of January 12

The First X-Ray Photograph

Dr. Henry Louis Smith took the first x-ray photograph in the US in 1896. He was a professor of physics and astronomy at Davidson College. It clearly showed the location of a bullet in a corpse’s hand. It was published on 27 Feb 1896. He was the first to establish the electric light plant in Davidson.

The First Hispanic Astronaut

The first Hispanic American was sent into space in the shuttle “Columbia 7”. Dr. Franklin R. Chang-Diaz was accompanied by US Rep. Bill Nelson, D-Fla.

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