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January 15 in Physics History - Births – Physicists born on January 15

Warren De la Rue (15 Jan 1815 - 19 Apr 1889)

He was a British chemist, astronaut, and inventor who was elected as the fellow of the Royal Society of London and was awarded its Royal medal in 1864. He is known for his excellent work in astronomical photography. His method made nearly all modern astronomical observations. He was also a member of the royal astronomical society and also received the gold medal in 1862.

Edward Teller (15 Jan 1908 - 9 Sep 2003)

He was a Hungarian-American nuclear physicist who led to the development of the first thermonuclear weapon, the hydrogen bomb. At first, he worked on the atomic reactor and then on fission bombs. His efforts helped in the development of the fusion bomb. He is also known as “The father of the H-bomb”.

January 15 in Physics History - Deaths – Physicists died on January 15

James Hillier (22 Aug 1915 - 15 Jan 2007)

He was a Canadian-American physicist who built the first successful electron microscope with Albert Priebus. He held at least 41 patents. It included electron diffraction and bacteriological techniques. They invented the colloid film to protect the blood cells from the electron beam. He became the director of RCA’s research Laboratories in 1958. About 2000 of his electron microscope were sold by the 1960s.

Henri-Alexandre Deslandres (24 Jul 1853 - 15 Jan 1948)

He was a French astrophysicist who invented the spectroheliograph in 1894. He used it to study the solar chromosphere and solar activity. His investigation led to the development of empirical laws indicating quantum mechanics. He also measured the rotation rates of planets and observed their spectra.

January 15 in Physics History - Events – Physics Events of January 15

The First Spacecraft Docking

The first docking of two manned spacecraft took place between the Soyuz 5 and the Soviet Soyuz 4 in 1969. It was named “The world’s first space station”. During the time that they were docked, two cosmonauts spaced walked from Soyuz 4 to Soyuz 5. They became the first cosmonauts to return to Earth in a different spacecraft.

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