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January 24 - Births – Physicists born on January 24

Harold Delos Babcock (24 Jan 1882 - 8 Apr 1968)

He was an American astronomer who invented the solar magnetograph with his son. The Babcocks measured the distribution of magnetic fields over the solar surface to unprecedented precision and discovered magnetically variable stars. He announced that the Sun reverses its magnetic polarity periodically. He also improved the precision of the wavelengths of some 22,000 lines in the solar spectrum.

Michio Kaku (24 Jan 1947 - Present)

He is a theoretical physicist at the City College of New York and the best selling author. He’s one of the co-founders of string theory. He appears frequently on television, has been featured in documentaries, and hosted many of his own documentaries.

January 24 - Deaths – Physicists died on January 24

Sir David Gill (12 Jun 1843 - 24 Jan 1914)

He was a Scottish astronomer known for his measurements of solar and stellar parallax. He designed, equipped and operated a private observatory near Aberdeen. He perfected the use of the heliometer to determine parallaxes. It uses a split image to measure the angular separation of celestial bodies. He was appointed Her Majesty’s Astronomer at the Cape of Good Hope (1879-1906). He also carried out all of the observations to measure the distances to stars in terms of the standard meter.

Homi J. Bhabha (30 Oct 1909 - 24 Jan 1966)

He was an Indian physicist who studied mechanical engineering at Cambridge University. He is regarded as the father of the Indian nuclear program. Paul Dirac and Niels Bohr. He envisioned nuclear power from thorium instead of uranium reserves. He also established the Tata Institute of Fundamental Research in Bombay for large-scale research in physics, chemistry, mathematics and electronics.

January 24 - Events – Physics Events on January 24

Discovery of Foucault's Pendulum: A device demonstrating the Effect of the Earth's Rotation

The rotation of Earth was proved by Leon Foucault in 1851. He used a steel wire 2 meters long with a 5 kg brass Bob. He made the pendulum in such a way that it was freely permitted to oscillate. He observed that it’s plane of oscillation slowly rotated relative to the ground. He made this discovery at 2:00 am working with his pendulum.

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