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January 3 in Physics History - Births – Physicists born on January 3

William Wilson Morgan (3 Jan 1906 - 21 Jun 1994)

He was an American astronomer who provided the first evidence that the Milky Way Galaxy has spiral arms. His research was devoted to the morphology, the classification of objects by their form and structure. He also invented the UBV System of magnitudes and colors.

January 3 in Physics History - Deaths – Physicists died on January 3

Charles Augustus Young (15 Dec 1834 - 3 Jan 1908)

He was an American astronomer who made the first observations of the flash spectrum of the Sun, discovered the reversing layer of the solar atmosphere, and proved the gaseous nature of the Sun’s Corona. During the eclipse in Spain in 1870, he saw the lines of the solar spectrum all become bright for perhaps a second and a half and then he announced the “reversing layer”.

January 3 in Physics History - Events – Physics Events on January 3

First Artificial Nuclear-Transmutation of Elements

On this day, Ernest Rutherford bombarded nitrogen atoms with alpha particles emitted by radioactive materials and successfully transmuted nitrogen atoms into oxygen. He succeeded in splitting the atom.

Oklahoma Meteorite

In 1970, this Meteorite was visible over a large area of the US Midwest. It was the first Meteorite to be detected that fell, after 1964. The first retrieval enabled examination of radioactivity produced by the meteorite when exposed to the Cosmic Rays.

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