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June 1 In Physics History - Births – Physicists born on June 1

Sadi Carnot (1 Jun 1796 - 24 Aug 1832)

He was a French engineer and physicist who spent his entire life investigating the design of steam engines. He also became a captain of engineers in the army. His book Reflections on the Motive Power of Heat has a theorem that says that the maximum efficiency of a heat engine can be obtained by reverse engineering. It is also mentioned that the efficiency depends only on the temperatures of the hot and the cold source of the engine. This helped in the development of thermodynamics and promoted the construction of steam engines and other heat engines in France.

Frank Whittle (1 Jun 1907 - 8 Aug 1996)

He was an English aviation engineer and pilot who was the first to use Jet propulsion to develop aircraft that could fly at faster speeds and higher altitudes. At the age of 21, he already began considering the possibilities of Jet propulsion as applied to aircraft. After a decade, he designed and patented a jet aircraft engine. His engine was tested and modified for several years and successfully powered a Gloster-Whittle E.28/39, on a 17 min flight in 1941. By the end of WW II, the Gloster Meteor became the RAF’s first Jetfighter that could fly faster than Spitfires and Hurricanes.

June 1 In Physics History - Deaths – Physicists died on June 1

Robert Serber (14 Mar 1909 - 1 Jun 1997)

He was an American physicist who gave lectures on the design and construction of atomic bombs as the construction of atomic bombs as background for the Manhattan Project. He coined the code-names of the three bomb designs: “Little Boy”(uranium gun), “Thin Man”(plutonium gun), “Fat Man”(plutonium implosion). He was part of the first American team visiting to assess their damage at Hiroshima and Nagasaki. He returned to academia after WW II and became a physics professor at Columbia University.

June 1 In Physics History - Events – Physics Events of June 1

The First National Light Pollution Law

The first national law prohibiting light pollution went into effect in 2002. The Czech Republic became the first nation to outlaw excess outdoor light. It was ensured that the light fixtures in the country must be shielded so that the light goes only in the direction intended. Light pollution is a problem for astronomers as it can obscure their view of faint objects far away in space.

3 Kelvin Primordial Background Radiation

3 Kelvin primordial background radiation was detected by Arno Penzias and Robert Woodrow in 1965. The used horned reflector antenna was built for radio astronomy. The microwave background radiation first observed by them is thought to be high energy radiation produced during Big Bang. Its uniformity also suggested that the universe was homogeneous until it was a few million years old.

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