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June 2 In Physics History - Births โ€“ Physicists born on June 2

Eric Voice (2 Jun 1924 - 11 Sep 2004)

He was an English nuclear scientist who was one of 12 volunteers that were injected with plutonium between 1992 to 1998. He volunteered to ingest a minute amount of plutonium as a part of European research. This research was done to track plutonium in the body’s metabolism. At the age of 73, he again volunteered to inhale plutonium to help for further study. He was one of the first Western scientists to visit Chernobyl after the explosion in 1986.

Pete Conrad (2 Jun 1930 - 8 Jul 1999)

He was an American astronaut who was a crew member of the Apollo 12 mission. He was the third man to walk on the Moon during the mission. He had been selected in 1962 to join NASA as the second group of astronauts after serving as a US Navy test pilot. He was also a member of a record-breaking flight around the world in a Lear Jet. His motorcycle crashed when he was 69 and he died in the accident.

Clair Cameron Patterson (2 Jun 1922 - 5 Dec 1995)

He was a US geochemist who measured the age of the earth to be 4.55 billion years in 1953. In geochemical research, he pioneered in three major areas. 1) established the pattern of isotopic evaluation of lead on earth. This was done by analyzing critical rocks, sediments, and the waters of the planet. He created a powerful tool for identifying and evaluating the nature of the major geochemical reservoirs. 2) studied environmental lead pollution. 3) he provided the first precise age of the earth and meteorites. He studied the isotopic compositions and concentrations of lead in terrestrial materials.

Henry Joseph Round (2 Jun 1881 - 17 Aug 1966)

He was an English electronics engineer who developed and invented many devices that helped in the development of radio communications. He devised the elements of direction-finding equipment right after he joined the Marconi company in 1902. He became the chief of Marconi research in 1921. He also invented and designed the straight-eight gramophone recording system. He invented a talking picture system that was used to record sound on 2 films during the cinema of the 1930s.

Robert Morris Page (2 Jun 1903 - 15 May 1992)

He was an American physicist who was an expert in the field ofย circuit theory and components for early pulse radar systems. While employed at the US naval research laboratory, he invented the technology for pulse radar. This invention became vital to the allies for the detection of enemy planes and other targets during World war II. He continued research applications of radar and many other fields of electronics. He patented 65 projects for development in these fields. Today it is used in weather forecasting, astronomy, navigation, and other technical fields.

June 2 In Physics History - Deaths โ€“ Physicists died on June 2

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June 2 In Physics History - Events โ€“ Physics Events of June 2

Donati Comet Observed

Giovanni Battista Donati first observed the comet and named it in 1858. It was the second brightest comet of the nineteenth century. It reached nearest to the Earth on 9 October 1858. It was the first comet to be photographed having an orbital period of about 2000 years.

The Royal Swedish Academy Founded

The Royal Swedish Academy of sciences was founded in 1739. It was inspired by the Royal Society of London and was created as an independent and non-governmental scientific society. Its main objective was to promote science. It took interest in increasing the uses of scientific discoveries in society during its early years. Its permanent secretary was the chemist, Jons Berzelius. Now, its role is in awarding the Nobel Prizes.

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