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June 5 in Physics History - Births โ€“ Physicists born on June 5

Dennis Gabor (5 Jun 1900 - 8 Feb 1979)

He was a Hungarian-British physicist who invented holography. It is a system of lenses with three-dimensional photography that has many applications. For this invention, he was awarded the Nobel Prize for Physics in 1971. The invention of holography was not possible until the invention of the laser in 1960 because the conventional filtered light sources had limitations of either too little light or too diffuse. His area of research was also on a high-speed oscilloscope, television, physical optics, and communication theory. He held more than a hundred patents.

John Couch Adams (5 Jun 1819 - 21 Jan 1892)

He was an English astronomer and mathematician who discovered the planet Neptune. Although Neptune was discovered by two people independently. He was one of them. He predicted the existence of Neptune in his journal when he saw the irregularities in the motion of Uranus. He had many more contributions to astronomy such as he studied the Leonid Meteor shower where he showed its orbit was very similar to that of a comet. So he concluded that the Leonid Meteor shower was associated with the comet. He also studied the motion of the moon and terrestrial magnetism.

Geoffrey F. Chew (5 Jun 1924 - 12 Apr 2019)

He was an American physicist who led the group of S-matrix theorists researching the strong interaction and the bootstrap principle. He was a graduate student ofย Enrico Fermi. His group calculated the interactions of bound-states without assuming that there is a point-particle field theory underneath.

June 5 in Physics History - Deaths โ€“ Physicists died on June 5

Roger Cotes (10 Jul 1682 - 5 Jun 1716)

He was an English mathematician who worked with Isaac Newton by proofreading the second edition of his famous book, The Principia, before publication. He obtained the logarithmic version of Euler’s formula and invented the quadrature formulas known as Newton’s cotes formula.

Augustus Edward Hough Love (17 Apr 1863 - 5 Jun 1940)

He was the British geophysicist and mathematician whose prediction was confirmed that the occurrence of a seismic wave confined to the surface layer of the Earth that traveled between the crust and the mantle. This earthquake wave was later subsequently named for him. He also studied elasticity and wrote a paper on the Mathematical Theory of Elasticity.

June 5 in Physics History - Events โ€“ Physics Events of June 5

The First World environment day

The first World environment day was celebrated worldwide with several activities in 1974. Thereafter, June 5 has been celebrated as World Environment Day. This day was chosen because of the opening day of the conference on the human environment. It was the first major conference on environmental issues.

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