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June 9 in Physics History - Births – Physicists born on June 9

Johann Gottfried Galle (9 Jun 1812 - 10 Jul 1910)

He was a German astronomer who was the first to observe the planet Neptune. The existence of Neptune had been predicted in the calculations of Leverrier. Galle also discovered 3 comets while working at the Berlin Observatory. He discovered the inner C ring of Saturn while assisting Johann Franz Encke. He also gave the idea to use asteroids for the determination of solar parallax.

June 9 in Physics History - Deaths – Physicists died on June 9

Alvan Graham Clark (10 Jul 1832 - 9 Jun 1897)

He was an American astronomer whose father’s firm of Alban Clark & Sons was a world-famous maker of lenses for refracting telescopes. He joined his father and brother. While he was testing a lens, he observed a faint twin star beside Sirius. He also discovered fourteen double stars. He made the world’s largest refractor after his father and brother died.

June 9 in Physics History - Events – Physics Events of June 9

Albert Einstein's New Research Paper

Albert Einstein published the analysis of Max Planck’s quantum theory and its application to light in 1905. Annalen der Physik contained his article but no experimental work was involved.

Rocket Aircraft By Robert Goddard

A rocket-fueled aircraft design was patented by Robert Goddard in 1931. But, his innovative design drew no attention from the Army. The government also had limited resources to fund proper research after the Great Depression. His invention was designed to use the energy of the gas blast of a rocket to obtain the maximum propulsive effect.

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