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March 8 in Physics History - Births – Physicists born on March 8

Alvan Clark (8 Mar 1804 - 19 Aug 1887)

He was an American astronomer whose family became the first significant manufacturers of astronomical instruments in the U.S. His company manufactured apparatus for Lick and Pulkovo and others in Europe. While testing a telescope in 1862, he discovered the companion star to Sirius. His sons continued the business.

Pyotr Nikolaevich Lebedev (8 Mar 1866 - 1 Apr 1912)

He was a Russian physicist who, with William Crookes’ radiometer, proved that light exerts a minute pressure on bodies and that this effect is twice as great for reflecting surfaces than for absorbent surfaces. He also built an extremely small vibrator source capable of generating 4-6 mm waves. He used this to demonstrate the first observation of double refraction of electromagnetic waves in crystals of rhombic sulfur.

March 8 in Physics History - Deaths – Physicists died on March 8

Emory Leon Chaffee (15 Apr 1885 - 8 Mar 1975)

He was an American physicist who in his Ph.D. thesis research, invented the “Chaffee Gap” spark type method to produce continuous high-frequency electrical oscillations for radio transmission. The spark gap was between the end faces of metal rods in an atmosphere of moist hydrogen in a sealed chamber. The rods were cooled by external radiating fins. He also specialized in the field of thermionic vacuum tubes and test measurements. Later, he worked with William T. Bovie on the electrical response of the retina, which he amplified with a vacuum tube circuit.

César Lattes (11 Jul 1924 - 8 Mar 2005)

He was a Brazilian physicist who, in 1948 at the University of California with Eugene Gardner confirmed the existence of heavy and light masons which was formed during the bombardment of carbon nuclei with alpha particles. The experimental discovery of the pi meson was fundamental to explaining the nuclear binding forces.

March 8 in Physics History - Events – Physics Events on March 8

Kepler's Third Law

On this day, Johannes Kepler formulated his third law of planetary motion in 1618.

Io Volcano

On this day, volcanoes on lo (Jupiter’s volcanic moon) were discovered by Voyager 1 in 1979.

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