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May 2 in Physics History - Births – Physicists born on May 2

Heinrich Gustav Magnus (2 May 1802 - 4 Apr 1870)

He was a German physicist and chemist who discovered the first of the platino-ammonium compounds. He also worked on electrolysis, expansion of gases, absorption of gases by blood, and much more. He represented Prussia at a conference to introduce a uniform metric system of weights. He discovered the Magnus effect which is the lift force produced by a rotating cylinder.

Robert W. Wood (2 May 1868 - 11 Aug 1955)

He was an American physicist who was the first to observe the phenomenon of field emission in which charged particles are emitted from conductors in an electric field. He photographed the reflection of sound waves in the air, invented an improved diffraction grating, and was the first to photograph ultraviolet fluorescence. He also researched spectroscopy.

Henrik Steffens (2 May 1773 - 13 Feb 1845)

He was a physicist and a philosopher who liked using scientific facts as a basis for the construction of metaphysical conclusions. He worked as a professor of mineralogy and physics at Halle and also at Breslau respectively.

May 2 in Physics History - Deaths – Physicists died on May 2

Johann Palisa (6 Dec 1848 - 2 May 1925)

He was an Austrian astronomer who discovered 122 asteroids all without using photography. To observe the total solar eclipse in 1883, he joined the expedition of the French Academy. During his observations, he collected insects for the Natural History Museum in Vienna. He is known to be the most successful visual discoverer in the history of minor planet research. He also made catalogs that contained positions of more than 4,700 stars.

May 2 in Physics History - Events – Physics Events of May 2

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