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May 3 - Births – Physicists born on May 3

Alfred Kastler (3 May 1902 - 7 Jan 1984)

He was a French physicist who discovered and developed the method for observing Hertzian Resonances within atoms. His discovery earned him the Nobel Prize for Physics in 1966. This research helped in understanding the structure of an atom by studying the radiations that atoms emit. He also developed optical pumping which caused atoms in a sample substance to enter higher energy States. This helped in the development of masers and the lasers that used the light energy that was readmitted when excited atoms released the extra energy obtained from optical pumping.

Steven Weinberg (Born On 3 May 1933)

He was an American nuclear physicist who formulated the electroweak theory that explains the unity of electromagnetism with the weak nuclear force. His work earned him the Nobel Prize for Physics in 1979.

George Paget Thomson (3 May 1892 - 10 Sep 1975)

He was an English physicist who demonstrated that electrons undergo diffraction. This earned him a share of the Nobel Prize for Physics in 1937. Diffraction is a behavior of waves that is widely cited in determining the atomic structure of solids and liquids. The electron as a particle was discovered by his father J.J. Thomson.

May 3 - Deaths – Physicists died on May 3

Johann Cysat (1586 - 3 May 1657)

He was a Swiss astronomer who studied at the Jesuit college under Christoph Scheiner. He assisted him in the observation of sunspots and taught mathematics therefrom 1618. It is known that the Orion Nebula was first discovered by him in 1618 but it had been first noted by Peiresc in 1610. He published all his analysis and data in an 80-page booklet named Mathematica astronomica de loci cometae.

Jonathan Homer Lane (9 Aug 1819 - 3 May 1880)

He was an American astrophysicist who investigated that the sun is a gaseous body. He worked and showed the interrelationship of pressure, temperature, and density inside the Sun.

Wally Schirra (12 Mar 1923 - 3 May 2007)

He was an American astronaut and pilot who was the only astronaut to fly Gemini, Mercury, and Apollo mission. He studied aeronautical engineering and became a Naval aviator. He was one of the seven men NASA named as the original Mercury astronauts for one-man missions. He made six orbits in a little over 9 hours in the Earth orbit space flight. He took off again as commander pilot in Gemini 6 on 15 Dec 1965. He launched on 11 Oct 1968 as commander of Apollo 7 for about 11 days.

May 3 - Events – Physics Events of May 3

Oldest Eclipse Occurred

The oldest recorded eclipse occurred in 1375 BC, on this day. This was discovered after the discovery of a clay tablet from the ancient city of Syria that interpreted this phenomenon.

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